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Please compile the following personal information after your Loan Consultant has sent you a secure link for upload. This step happens after you have completed your prequalification application and the Loan Consultant has reviewed your submission. 

  1. A completed personal financial statement (PFS) - you may use the SBA Form 413
  2. Two years of federal personal tax returns
  3. Two years of federal business tax returns
  4. A copy of your personal credit report from Experian 
  5. Screenshot from the Department of Assessments and Taxation showing that you are in good standing (click here)
  6. Last 6 months of business bank statements showing your bank deposits
  7. Articles or Certification of Incorporation
  8. A copy of your business insurance policy (general or professional liability)
  9. Explanation of how you will use the funds
  10. Explanation of how you will pay back the funds
  11. Explanation of past credit issues and how you plan to resolve any existing debt repayment

Upload these documents to the secure online folder via the link sent to you by your Loan Consultant. The Loan Consultant will compile these documents and submit the completed packet to the Loan Committee. The Loan Consultant may contact you with questions or for additional documentation. 

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