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BELL combines the support of a Chamber of Commerce with the ability to offer the community access to capital. As a BELL Donor or Sponsor, your tax-deductible contribution grows the BELL Small Business Fund. This fund lends money to small, rural, minority and woman-owned businesses who normally cannot access capital. 

BELL believes if we create the proper support for business owners and create a stronger entrepreneur ecosystem, we can optimize the performance of small, minority, rural and woman-owned businesses, we can expect a larger tax base, more new jobs, & in the long-term, greater sustainability of the commercial ecosystems necessary to create thriving communities. 

When Small Businesses Thrive: 

  • When small businesses are generating more revenue, they purchase more products & services, hire more people, and pay more corporate and sales taxes.
  • When people are hired, they pay more local, state and federal income taxes, purchase more goods and services, and strengthen the economy.
  • Minority Businesses often hire minority & woman employees & contractors who pay taxes that pay for more police, firefighters & better schools.
  • Communities with more working adults & more resources have less poverty, better education, lower unemployment & less violent crime.
  • BELL partners with local, state and federal partners to connect business owners with the support and funding they need to grow. 

Why Small Businesses Need Access to Capital

Small Businesses need capital to hire, expand and buy materials. When they can't access capital, they are limited in how large they can grow. Big banks are hesitant to lend to small companies because of the risk.

When borrowers receive a loan from BELL and repay their loan, they build their business credit and become more attractive to conventional lenders and investors - who can provide larger lines of credit and larger long-term or short-term loans.  This helps small businesses to scale their businesses up, hiring more people and expanding operations. 

Your donations and sponsorship have a direct effect on the lives and families of small business owners across the state of Maryland. Thank you for supporting BELL!

Please complete the form below. All donations are welcome and help make a huge difference in the Maryland economy. If you would like to offer a program, training program, fund or initiative for business owners, please see our Sponsorship options before donating.

Thank you! 

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